PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yeesh. So the White House and the Justice Dept. told the CIA to keep the interrogation tapes, but they destroyed them anyways. Was this an obstruction of justice?

* The Fort Dix case as a model for terrorism investigation and prosecution.
* Politicians living in the very real fear of assassination in Lebanon.
* Tom Tomorrow kneecaps Giuliani. The NYTimes examines the real reason behind Romney's speech. Some old quotes are likely to come back to haunt Huckabee.
* Sayonara, CompUSA.
* The digital recording revolution is altering the face of justice.
* Today's top headline: "'Naked Twister' nights inspire suburb's sex club ban".
* Paddington Bear runs afoul of immigration in a new book.

Examining the impact of wave energy farms. Also, the coolest phrase I will type today is 'wave energy farms.'

Tags: news, science!

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