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AUGH. "The CIA made videotapes in 2002 of its officers administering harsh interrogation techniques to two al-Qaeda suspects but destroyed the tapes three years later."

"If all this sounds like a financial house of cards, that's because it is. And it is about to come crashing down, with serious consequences not only for banks and investors but for the economy as a whole."

* "Where Mr. Romney most fell short, though, was in his failure to recognize that America is composed of citizens not only of different faiths but of no faith at all and that the genius of America is to treat them all with equal dignity." More from E.J. Dionne Jr. here (good read.)
* "There should now be a new, serious American debate about Iran. We should examine how misunderstandings have played a part in preventing past cooperation and perhaps even a rapprochement between the U.S. and Iran."
* Where is the outrage from Islamic moderates?
* Dick Polman's on Huckabee's slip-up on Iran.
* Well, maybe Lebanon is better off without a president.
* Senate Republicans choose their leadership.
* Whoah. Sickle cell cured in mice.
* Gonna be a big summer for comic book movies.

The Explainer on what the cops have on you.

Holy cats, Ron Paul has a blimp.

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