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Write your own punchline: Secretary Rice complains about the lack of openness of another country's government. More comedy: Bush saying Iran should just "come clean."

That wacky liberal media: seven case studies in making up the news. (Courtesy professorbooty.)

"In the spirit of caution and skepticism, here is the official Fact Checker list of the CIA's Biggest Bloopers, over six decades of intelligence-gathering."

"It shows us once again, for anyone who needed showing, that everything this administration says on national security matters should be considered presumptively not only false, but actually the opposite of what is in fact true, until clear evidence to the contrary becomes available."
-Josh Marshall

* Analysis: new revelations about the state of Iran's nuclear program another blow to Bush's policy. More from the Times here.
* The LATimes looks for the reason for the new report, and its release.
* The Fact Checker reminds us of the candidates' statements.
* Bonus Achenbach.

* Evidence of innocence not a factor at Guantanamo.
* In Lott's wake, Senate Republicans choose their leadership.
* Man. McCain is looking better and better.
* Rich Lowry on Huckabee's flat tax dream.
* Robin D. Laws on primaries by HBO.
* Metro Purple Line projections. Again, you know, whenever it actually shows up.

WOW. "They wear pink saris and go after corrupt officials and boorish men with sticks and axes." (Courtesy asimplelife.)

More casting rumors for Justice League.

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