PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Saturday, had a passle of people over (though only Norton and Latinate were there for the actual Derby.) We actually managed to fill the comfortable capacity of the living room, which was cool. No games were played, but Most Extreme Elimination Challenge was watched and enjoyed, we mostly didn't watch nor enjoy American Outlaws. Big fun.

Sunday, X2. Movie to beat so far. Even better than the first, chock full of deep-geek comic book references (pay close attention to the screens on Striker's computer.) Some minor complaints, sure, and I will probably give a more spoilery review after a second viewing. presuming I find time for a second viewing. But, yeah, rocksome.

Also, let me say, Snowden is rapidly becoming a fine place to see movies. The Regal '20' (digital reel of previews, advertising, etc.) is rather enjoyable.

They've also changed the 28 Days Later trailer, which now uses the words 'zombie horror' explicitly. Heh heh, way to spell it out, so no one is surprised by the vaguely-vague trailer. And man, after the new Matrix trailer, I sure hope they don't overdo the special effects. Which sounds lame when you're talking about Matrix, but now I went and said it.

* Awesome. SARS can live on surfaces for days at room temperature.
* Man, how did Bob Graham get elected?
* Looking back, was embedding worth it?
* More tales from the war: battle at the bridge at Samawah.
* Conflict proves military body armor really works.
* You know, Apple might be onto something here with this music thing.
* That stupid thing from the New Hampshire quarter finally broke.

Mary's new nickname: Achmed Chalabi (usually sung)
Fortune Cookie: 'Don't let friends impose on you.'

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