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Previously, on Heroes...

OK, they are officially filming this show just for me.

* Previously: "I just want to help you."
* Apt. 613. "Welcome home, Dr. Suresh." Hee, My Dinner With Sylar! Also, love Matt's apron.
* Zing! "Is that why your powers are gone?" -Maya
* Shanti virus + Claire's blood, interesting.
* When Maya's power kicks in, and Sylar's trying to talk her out of killing the innocents, bizarrojack chimes in with "Hey Maya? It's kind of worth it."
* Again with the awesome title screens.
* "How long are we going to suffer for your sins?" -Nathan
* Angela's tale, decidedly excellent. Adam decided the world wasn't worth saving, so he decided to wipe it clean. (See also: Ra's al Ghul.)
* "Adam will never quit."
* ("If you can't stop Peter, you'll have to kill him too." -Angela, telepathically)
* "He was my friend, too. Four hundred years ago." -Hiro
* "I believe this is mine, cub." -Adam
* Claire still wants to tell everyone. "No more secrets."
* "I love you, Mom. But I can't live in fear of a 'what if'</i>."
* Nice touch: a lot of the moving boxes are from Primatech.
* "And Claire's not even in your league!" -Bob
* "Please?" -Elle, to Mr. Bennet
* "You were seven." -Mr. Bennet
* Micah gets Nikki, w00. So she can use her powers of having a driver's license.
* Hallway fight! The vault door is pretty reminiscent of The Symbol, too.
* Uh, Peter? I don't mean to interrupt the looking intense, but you can walk through walls, remember?
* Back to Mohinder's lab.
* Elle's file, gone.
* Nice password. And encryption, for that matter.
* "You know what happens to heroes in the real world? They end up dead!"
* Yay Micah! "Don't slow down. The light will change."
* "OK, we don't talk about that ever." -Matt
* "Listening to my mother has never lead to anything good." -Nathan
* "Flying Man!" -Hiro
* Oh, hi West. "I like my secrets."
* "Exposing them isn't going to bring him back."
* "Hello Claire-bear."
* Can Molly find dead people? "He's not... anywhere." OK, that answers that. snidegrrl tells the people on TV: "Run. Now. A lot."
* Sylar has the same strain of the virus as Nikki. Meaning he'll be mad at the Company.
* "Now look what you made me do." -Sylar
* "You and I have trust issues, Doctor."
* Mr. Bennet made a deal? Has to go back? Why do they want him so bad? Other than him being awesome, anyways.
* "I must stop you, Kensei!" -Hiro, being awesome
* Mind fight! Peter! Knock it off!
* "Am I on the wrong side too?" -Nathan
* THE ORIGINAL HEROES TROPHY ROOM VAULT. Black pyramid! Trojan horse! Cards! Brain in a jar! Big Key! ZOMG. I just geeked all over myself.
* When God wasn't happy, he washed it away too.
* "You are not God." -Hiro
* And, TK catch.
* "What is all this stuff?" -Matt
* And, the virus is nuked. Symbol in the ashes, sure.
* More loot visible! A better view of the crazy wavy dagger.
* "I's over. It stops here. No more secrets." -Nathan
* He wants to go public too!
* Elle! OK, she's sort of redeemed herself this episode too.
* Don't burn the comic book! (Hey, on the cover, St. Joan is holding a suspiciously familiar wavy dagger.)
* Nikki's using good ol' fashion non-super violence!
* Holy cats, Hiro popped Adam into his dad's coffin. Hard-core.
* But everyone is yelling at the screen now, because, you know, if Sylar gets away, Molly can JUST FIND HIM.
* Press conference. Plus, another fantastic speech by Nathan.
* And, shot. Jack pegs it as Mr. Bennet right away, and I have to agree.
* "You know that you've now opened Pandora's Box." -Angela
* Spinach can? Will he get Popeye forearms now?
* "I'm back." -Sylar

Man, I hope every season doesn't end with Nathan getting killed.

And now, your new wallpaper.

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