PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

(The LJ 'adult content' button is amusing.)

Man, I totally lost track of doing these wrapup things a few weeks back. Things have been pretty nonstop since early November. Might be quieting down a bit before the holiday season, so I better plan a couple catching-up-with-people evenings to fill that gap.

Hit the abode of ceciskittle and t1tdave with M. and her brother for some tasty pasta and Wii. The Wii is fun, I confess. Definitely addictive and active. So I better never get one. Oh, and their new room is muy bueno.

Now officially so far behind on movies that I might never catch up. I vow to keep up the good fight, however. Starting with a kids movie for Z., soonly. Heh. Truly, it's the Netflix list that suffers the most.

Tonight, birthday party for the effervescent shibakiei.
Tomorrow, Iron Chef. Although, for me, it's more Iron Eating.

Tags: 2007, gaming, movies, not news

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