PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"A U.S. official overseeing a probe of potential White House misconduct declared through a spokesman yesterday that he will not give federal investigators copies of personal files that he deleted from his office computer."

Bubble, redux: journalists frustrated by their lack of access to Clinton.

New documents show Nixon was concerned about Israel's nukes.

* Egads. Joe Klein's in-depth look at the incendiary immigration issue. Scary stuff. Bonus: taking the Republican pulse.
* Yes, there's good news in Iraq, but important questions remain unanswered.
* Hmmm. Did Trent Lott step down to avoid an upcoming scandal?
* "Prices for new houses nationwide fell last month by their largest margin since 1970, when the nation was in a recession."
* "One in eight people living in the United States is an immigrant, a new survey found, for a total of 37.9 million people - the highest level since the 1920s."
* A new push for equality for gays in the military.
* The growth of 'heritage areas' raises the ire of conservatives.
* Republican YouTubes debate winners and losers.
* Tough choices for new lawyers.
* Huh. Taking a look at the popular Iranian TV show about WW2 and the Holocaust.

AV Club primer on the Coen Brothers.

"Thriller" at twenty-five.

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