PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I speak without fear of contradiction when I say the Thrill Kill Kult show last night at Sonar was the best concert I've seen this year*. The band still hasn't lost their touch, and put on an awesome show. A good mix of old songs and new songs/songs I didn't recognize.

We were, apparently, on the 'club side' of Sonar. I've been told the other side of the venue is larger. The layout and the setup reminded me a *lot* of the old 930 Club. OK, not quite the same in the 'fiery deathtrap' sense of things, but generally weird and confusing and not a lot like most clubs. However, to its credit, the stage was small, but very accessible, so we didn't have any real trouble getting up front.

I also speak without fear of contradiction** when I say I was there with the most attractive ladies in the whole club.

* - Also, the only concert I've seen this year.
** - Bonus points if you get this reference, but I literally only know a couple people who would.

Tags: 2007, clubbing, not news

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