PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Without any advance notice or public ceremony, Bush and Maliki agreed to a framework that calls for important decisions - about such key issues as permanent U.S. military bases, long-term troop deployment and accountability for private contractors - to be set in stone before Bush leaves office. And, while approval of the Iraqi parliament will be required, the U.S. Congress apparently won't get any say."

* Defense Secretary Gates wants more funding... for diplomacy.
* "Why did the Bush Administration wait seven years to re-launch the 'peace process'? ...Where is the intellectual/emotional commitment of the American president, since no real progress can be achieved without his real engagement?"
* How far will house prices fall? And how long will the crash last?
* Whoah. I need to see this Indian movie about the evil twin brother of Jesus.
* Ooh. Synopsis for the new Mummy movie.

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