PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Thanks, guys: proposed House GOP tax cuts outdo even the Bush plan in favoring the wealthy.
* The public was behind it, but the money behind politics and lawyers was not: campaign finance law is struck down.
* Local news, the Montgomery County smoking ban has been overturned.
* The "spam summit" is definitely lively.
* Wait, those "Girls Gone Wild" videos make how much money?
* Suburban battles over finances for charter schools.
* While no one was looking: Pentagon released procedures for terrorism tribunals.
* Analysis of the delaying of federal judicial nominees.
* "But can we change the behavior of a terrorism-sponsoring state like Syria without unseating its regime?"
* Differing world opinions on the Iraqi information minister.
* Dot-com is back, baby. And the survivors are profiting.
* Music industry adjusts to new digital age.
* Hee hee: movies enter the period of the colon.
* Online dating services target college campuses and alumni.
* William Bennett, high stakes gambler.
* Do we really need a Muslim channel?
* That's it. People are just crazy.
* Speaking of crazy, he's back: Lyndon LaRouche gives it an eighth shot.
* New software to predict size of incoming earthquakes.
* New exhibit lets viewers peruse da Vinci's notebooks digitally.
* Looking at the murder rate of the Middle Ages.

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