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Previously, on Heroes...

There can be only one!

* Previously: "This is my fate, then."
* Back to the future! There and not there, again. Brought back a flyer, heh.
* No, seriously, who are the two ladies on the far left?
* 2/14/77, Victoria Pratt.
* "The virus is their crime." -Adam
* "Parents sin, children suffer." -Adam
* "You will be left alone to lead a normal life." -Bob
* Mohinder brought back Mr. Bennet.
* "That is what this Company does: we save lives." -Mohinder
* "Every super hero has to have a secret identity." -Micah
* "Jessica's gone. They all are." -Nikki
* Meanwhile, Sylar's pouring on the charm.
* "You'll never know unless you try." -Sylar
* And, she does it. I knew her brother was a chump.
* "My father looked good in a suit." -Hiro
* Wait, that implies that Hiro ever saw him when he wasn't wearing a suit.
* Meanwhile, in Maine.
* "You are like a hamster making a nest." -Hiro
* Nakamura signed the order to have Adam locked up.
* Primatech Research, November 2nd, 1977.
* Holy carp, Adam wanted to release the virus!
* Strain-138, to be locked away in Odessa.
* "I only knew your parents, and what they were capable of." -Victoria
* "I knew blowing your head off was the only way to be sure."
* "I know what you are." -Alejandro
* "Gabriel understands exactly what I'm going through." -poor, naive Maya
* "In my heart, I wanted her dead."
* "We need to be heroes! Like Dad!" -Micah
* Ah, fanservice. Or, technically, 'manservice.'
* Sylar proves how stone cold awesome he is by making out with the hot chick while her brother's body is cooling only a couple feet away.
* Oh, hi West.
* Claire wants to contact the Haitian! "Forgetting isn't the answer." -West
* Wow, this scene is WB-levels of emo. But still.
* "I just want to tell him how sorry I am." -Claire
* "Why are you dressed like that?" -Micah
* Mohinder had engineered the cure!
* "No one's home. You should have plenty of time." -Micah
* Monica is awesome, I note. Also, Micah, asking the lights.
* St. Joan, captured!
* And, funeral, California-style. When she scatters the ashes, all I can picture is The Big Lebowski.
* Ahahaha, can't start the car.
* "Watch who you're shoving, Pom Pom." -Elle, trying to win me over
* Claire's threatening to tell everyone! "You'll be the ones running." Um, there's this other show called The 4400 that you may want to watch first, Claire-bear.
* Hey, the blood didn't clean off her hand after it healed from punching the window!
* Loved that scene, also. Plus, digging the Claire/Elle dichotomy.
* ZOMG Sylar's calling from inside the house!
* "I know what Adam wants." -Hiro
* Oh, Ando.
* Timestop! "Adam Monroe killed my father, and for that he must pay." -Hiro

Next week: "It stops here. No more secrets."

Watched the show with four new people tonight, who were entertained by my note-taking proclivities. Good times.

So. Bob, one of the good guys? I don't think he's working with Adam to release the virus, at the very least.

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