PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Got my copy of Toolbox (an AEG d20 sourcebook) in the mail yesterday. I'm eminently pleased. It's just a couple hundred pages of charts for randomness for your fantasy RPGs. Need a name of an inn in your village? It's there. Wandering monster for your dungeon? Name of a half-elf female ranger? Bam. I *also* like books like this, because just flipping through them fills me with ideas for games and the like. This, coupled with my new love of Mage Knight: Dungeons, may prove to be a bad combination.

Tonight, slack. Tomorrow, work, then Kentucky Derby and hopefully guests to entertain. Sunday, looks like X-2. Monday, back up in the air. Fun fun.

* J. Peder Zane on the internet, modern media and censorship.
* Today's good news: India and Pakistan restore full diplomatic ties.
* Conflict over in Iraq? Wow, I sure hope it's as peaceful as Afghanistan.
* That Moussaoui, he's such a card.
* A tunnel under the Washington Monument? Lame.
* Canada may decriminalizing marijuana *and* legalize same-sex marriages. Lordy.
* Soon, new rules to curb Oscar campaigning.
* Reality shows and network ratings.
* Whoah. Public support of the arts is on the rise. That rules.
* Awesome tribute to Ralph Ellison revealed.
* Good lord. A new landspeed record: three miles in six seconds.
* I was just saying the other week how all this DNA testing and stuff has revolutionized crimefighting.
* Leave it to Australia to put a brothel on their stock market.

Fortune Cookie: "Now is a good time to explore."

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