PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The US prison population has risen eight-fold since 1970, with little impact on crime but at great cost to the taxpayer."

Matt Frei on the new good news from Iraq. More from Howard Kurtz here.

McClellan confirms he passed along false information to the press.

* New blog I am watching: Post Investigations.
* Analysis: new method to develop stem cells will change the face of the debate.
* "So, America's almost sole recourse for contending with al-Qaeda has come down to ... bribery."
* DC, take note: the Supreme Court will take up the biggest second amendment case in years.
* Joe Klein on 'the tone-deaf Democrats.'recession.
* Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs is sentenced to ten years in prison. He still faces two more charges in Utah and Arizona.
* And, casting info on the G.I.Joe movie starts with... the Baroness.

Board game Zombies! sells over 100,000 copies in English alone. Also, discussions of their future plans.

"The Untitled JJ Abrams Project" gets a name (Cloverfield). New trailer linked here, and check the comments for possible spoiler images. (Courtesy aijoskobi.)

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