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"Although Blackwater's operatives must be held accountable, this is not just a case of rooting out 'bad apples.' These forces were deployed without any accountability structure or effective oversight; their mission was to keep U.S. officials alive by any means necessary. Blackwater has done that job, but we may never know how many Iraqis have died as a result. The investigation must determine which operatives killed the Iraqis on Sept. 16, but it can't stop there. It must extend to those who hired them and deployed them, armed, dangerous and apparently above the law."

Good read: "In our modern dematerialized world, you don't have to build a building to have permanent surveillance over individuals and their behavior. You can do it with an information system." How our behavior is changing for living in today's surveillance society."

* Heh. A federal court declared Bush's new fuel economy standards too weak. Bam!
* Follow-up: State Dept. officials will not be forced to serve in Iraq (yet.)
* Dana Milbank on Justice Thomas at the Federalist Society.
* Grading yesterday's Democratic debate. Plus, review by Joel Achenbach.
* Paul Kane says goodbye to Hastert.
* Ugh. Political changes made to a global warming exhibit at the Smithsonian.
* Meet the Nigersaurus taqueti.

Religious scholars meet to discuss the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Ooh. Tim Burton signs with Disney for both Alice in Wonderland and a full-length version of Frankenweenie!

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