PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whoops! Turns out the State Department's inspector-general has tied to Blackwater. Bonus in-depth comedy by Dana Milbank, including someone punching a shark.

Reaping what you sow: the State Dept. tries to figure out how to deliver its message.

* Undercover investigators sneak bomb parts on to planes, another failed test for Homeland Security.
* Overspending on the military?
* Rosa Brooks on Bush and Musharaff.
* How the evangelical voting block was lost.
* The one thing all the Republican candidates can agree on.
* Obama backs net neutrality. (Courtesy maroonmd.)
* Foreign languages are being taught earlier in schools.
* Beowulf versus the uncanny valley.
* IBM seeks to break new ground with "cloud computing."
* "The online magazine Film Threat placed Bush at the top of its 'Frigid 50,' an annual ranking of the 'least-powerful, least-inspiring and least-intriguing people in Hollywood.'"

Le snap. "Of all the accusations made by the vociferous community of climate skeptics, surely the most damaging is that science itself is biased against them."

"A colossal dick move": Fox to go ahead with Family Guy episodes without Seth McFarlane's involvement.

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