PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Quick notes on Smallville!
* Chloe would make an awesome villian.
* FINALLY, the Kents realize the power of the anonymous tip!
* Furnace scene rules.
* They need to just rename the show Luthorville, because damn.

Tonight, go support Amnsterdamned at this hott show. (I won't actually be able to make it, we're taking night off Sunday instead.)

Saturday morning, episode of Static Shock guest-starring Superman. so I am curious if SS will enter continuity eventually. Also, they say there will be a sneak preview of Teen Titans so I will probably just tape the mess. (As I work Saturday instead of Sunday this weekend.)

Saturday afternoon, Kentucky Derby. Come watch with us! Afterwards, will be having people over for gaming, and watching Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

* Courtesy Magistrate, allow me to be the first to say I welcome our new worm overlords, may death come swiftly to their enemies.
* Courtesy Pickett, Canadians are just worrying too much about pesky things like civil liberties.
* Courtesy me, let me congratulate the Israeli government for kicking off the new peace plan by killing 13 Palestinians. Good work guys.

Fortune Cookie: "Now is a good time to explore."
MP3: Velvet Roses, "Eulogy"
Tags: 2003, tv

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