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"We are a people in clinical depression. Americans know that the ideals that once set our nation apart from the world have been vandalized, and no matter which party they belong to, they do not see a restoration anytime soon."

FBI finds that Blackwater was unjustified in the killing of a number Iraqi civilians.

Congressional Democrats, looking for new ways to not get anything accomplished, punt on subpoenas for Bolton and Miers.

* "Tens of thousands of Congolese refugees fled camps Tuesday in the Democratic Republic of Congo as rebel troops attacked government forces in the area."
* On the ground in Iraq: Kurds and Arabs living side by side, in refugee camps.
* Analysis of Bush's domestic spending veto - with some apt comparisons.
* Good read: Robert Samuelson on energy as geopolitics.
* New plans to make the Fed more transparent.
* Is Hilary Clinton withholding documents from her previous work at the White House?
* Dutch teenager arrested after stealing virtual furniture.

"Future crunch: Six advances that could spell the end of traditional computing."

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