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"The Council of Europe's legal committee urged an international overhaul of regulations for blacklisting individuals and groups to provide them access to evidence, rights to a fair trial or impartial review within a reasonable time, and compensation for wrongful designation as a terrorist."

* "The overriding lesson for both parties from the Bush attempt to profit from polarization is that there remains no way to achieve lasting political power in a nation as diverse as America without assembling a broad coalition that locks arms to produce meaningful progress against the country's problems."
* So. Have we, actually, turned a corner in Iraq? Commentary by Joe Klein.
* "Why is it taking White House officials so long to restore millions of deleted e-mails from the backup tapes they claim to have?" (Bonus: explaining the two different sets of missing e-mails!)
* Bush vetoes more domestic spending. Because, you know, Iraq.
* More on the planted question in Clinton's event. Hella lame. Bonus analysis by Ana Marie Cox, and more about Clinton's camp handles the media by Jay Carney.
* And what about Pakistan's nukes?
* On McCain and the price of principle.

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