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Previously on Heroes...

* Previously: "Jessica wasn't the strong one."
* "It is man's ability to remember that sets us apart."
* "Together we're going to change history." -Adam
* Haitian! Healing!
* "Let me go!" Peter saved Nathan!
* The surgery was successful." D.L. lived! Holy cats!
* Alejandro's wedding. I have a bad feeling about this. Only known his blushing bride four months.
* Lone black tear, but in control...
* WHOLE WEDDING PARTY DEAD. "I think I... did it."
* "Did you have to use the full blast on him?" -Bob
* "I am... an old friend of your parents."
* Powers turned off. The Haitian! (Apparently it's casual Friday.) Facility designed to help people like him. Thirty years ago, shut down research on a cure. Uh-huh.
* "You have had a terrible accident." -Angela
* And she tells him Peter's missing. She totally knows he's under wraps. Dude, Nathan's eye is fucked up in a Two-Face sort of way.
* And from one hospital room to another. Interesting parallel, D.L. vs. Nathan.
* No insurance, heh. Taken care of... by Bob! No news from Kirby Plaza or of Linderman's death.
* Ah, Linderman messed things up, and Bob claims to be 'righting the ship.' I'm not convinced that he's not.
* Haircut and "Haitian pills." Oh, hi Adam.
* Nice St. Joan cake there.
* "We could be like the Fantastic Four. Minus one. But still!" -Micah
* And Nikki's trying the medication, which is (not surprisingly) not working. Bye pills!
* Heh, Adam. Been there a while!
* "I was just thinking there's more to you than the whole 'sadistic lightning' thing." -Peter
* "I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that." -Elle
* "Bob's not trying to fix you, Peter." -Captain Obvious Adam
* Oh, hi Heidi. Car crash! Delusional painkillers?
* "There's a dark secret in the Petrelli family." Delusions of grandeur, paranoia. And my, she's being touchy-feely.
* Nikki the car saleswoman! Which is a TERRIBLE idea. "What makes you think this is Jessica?" Meet Gina, apparently the one who runs from trouble.
* Adam tried to take his abilities public. Including his healing blood. Man, laying the manipulation on a bit heavy, Kensei?
* OK, I have two witnesses who heard me say not twenty minutes ago that D.L. would make an awesome firefighter.
* [I Am Legend commercial ZOMG]
* Camera follows Peter phasing, neat. And they're gone.
* Maya the Venezuelan nun, everyone. "It's something evil inside of me." Crap, Alejandro brought a cop! But the brother talks her down.
* And, D.L. (who rules) is shot. But we don't see it. Hmm.
* Medal of Valor! Huh. More suspicion. Oh, hi Uhura. And hi Bob.
* Transfusion! K, I guess he does have healing blood.
* My these shipping containers look familiar. "Your mother helped me when I was in need." -the Haitian
* New life! "Your secret is safe with me."
* "But it is our meories that shape it and give it purpose."
* Look, it's the, uh, Wandering Rock. OK.
* "Shall we save the world?" -Adam

Moving right along. Much better pacing tonight.

Man, Elle is annoying. Also, major personal space issues.

I am now formally convinced that Angela is a pusher to some degree. The camerawork when she was talking to Heidi, focusing on the touching, not accidental.

I am now partially convinced that Alejandro has no powers, and that he's just helping Maya focus and get the promicin her powers under control.

Oh, and D.L. is totally alive. The death was specifically too off-screen.

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