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"In this climate - especially when something really goes wrong - the aim is to make people feel better rather than make the situation itself any better. Rather than recognize complex feelings or actual pain, reality is warded off by sentimentality, often symbolized by comfort objects (including teddy bears, memorial trinkets and other kitsch commemorative goods) which serve as formulaic Band-Aids to affirm that everything is going to be okay."

Heh. Drug traffickers turn to submarines, while the Minutemen's border fence is... less impressive than advertised.

Interesting article on the visuals of Pakistani protesters being the guys in suits. Also, how the internet is helping the citizens.

* "Veterans make up one in four homeless people in the United States, though they are only 11 percent of the general adult population"
* Are we facing a meltdown in the Middle East? In related news, Beruit is still a problem.
* Fred Kaplan: "How George Bush and Condoleezza Rice made a mess of Pakistan." Bonus: what can be done next?
* A state of emergency is declared by the president of Georgia.
* The sharp rise of gas prices may have a ripple effect going into the holiday season. Meanwhile, Bernanke suggests Congress take action on the subprime mortgage crisis.
* Bush suffers his first veto override, on the water resources bill.
* Good read: Can Republicans adjust to a new political landscape, where they're perceived as being on the wrong side of a number of hot topics?
* Another good read: greeted with flowers. (Courtesy professorbooty.)
* On the economics of dating. (Also, Asian chicks.)

Excellent analysis of the motivations behind the writers' strike.

The year of flops: Dreamcatcher.

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