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Good read: Dana Milbank on the fate of Bush's freedom agenda.

Meanwhile, oil is about to hit $100 a barrel.

Looking ahead: Japan ponders how to deal with its aging prison population.

Wow. "What would have been unthinkably out of bounds just a few seasons back is now comedy fodder on a popular, major network show."

* Welcome to America, 2007: Americans agree that waterboarding is torture but too many think that sometimes torture is OK.
* Despite a recent downward trend in violence, 2007 is now the deadliest year for US troops in Iraq.
* "These extra-constitutional measures by General Musharraf are not in the interest of the war on terror, U.S. foreign policy or the protection of the Pakistani people. All these measures were tailor-made to suit Musharraf."
* Also, in case you were worried, Discovery is home safely.
* And, the Democrats fold on Mukasey. Good work guys.
* Hey, you know how Bush likes appointing cronies with no experience to important positions, sometimes through controversial recess appointments? Who knew that could go wrong?
* Settlements in the West Bank continue to grow.
* Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs attempted suicide while in custody earlier this year.
* On the campaign trail: Are candidates avoiding the press? Also, Giuliani secures Robertson's endorsement, but gets nailed by the Fact Checker. Will Obama appeal to conservatives?
* Dinosaurs breathed like penguins.

A nice explanation of the reasons behind the TV writer's strike. (Courtesy professorbooty.)

Networks plan for mid-season makeovers with the strikes in mind.

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