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Previously on Heroes...

* Previously: "Please tell me who I am... what the future holds."
* White Beard's camp. Opium!
* "You are supposed to be a hero." -Hiro
* "I will change history." -Kensei
* The paintings! (Angry blonde, Biohazard, Mohinder?

Mr. Bennet: My family is in danger!
Mohinder: So that makes me expendable.

* Burned the paintings?!
* Evacuating the Company labs! Matt and Nathan!
* Meanwhile, in the future...
* (Symbols?)
* Evacuated by Homeland Security. "Do you have any symptoms?!"
* And the opening is... green? NBC, you so crazy.
* West, super stalker extraordinaire.
* "You can't just do whatever you want whenever you want." -Claire
* "We stop Maury, here, now." -Bob
* Inject him with the virus!
* "Anything the brain controls, you control." -Bob
* "They always underestimate women." -Yaeko
* "According to these files, you're a dead man."
* "All foreigners are deported."
* The Shanti virus started on 3/20/07. 93% of humanity is dead, the rest live in quarantine.
* "All these people died from the virus?" "Yeah, it's been a rough week."
* "You were just trying to make me happy. I know that feeling." -Matt
* Nikki traded Jessica for D.L.!
* Nathan knows all the families, but: "Who is Adam Monroe?" Gathered the original Heroes. (newspaper.) "Adam is the one who's trying to kill us." Linderman, his disciple. Adam was locked out, broke out two weeks ago.
* "Your brother is alive."
* Oh, hi Future Angela. Of course she survived, she's a tough old broad.
* "You are the most powerful of us all." Breakthrough! She triggered his use of Parkman's power. Send him back!
* Oh, hi Mr. Bennet.
* "What can you do against an army?" -Yaeko
* "This many guns in Japan. They will crush history." -Hiro
* Boom!
* I will never get tired of watching Nikki flip out and wreck some stuff.
* Man, the guy playing Maury goes from schlub to eerie in a second, it's fantastic.
* The Company had Peter as of a few months ago.
* "Did you bring me here?" -Maury
* Stabbed herself!
* eee Parkman Sr.'s nightmare
* "You left. All you have is nightmares." -Matt
* And, Molly's free. Matt's power is sleeping on the job!
* And Peter teleports. WITHOUT CAITLIN.
* "White Beard is defeated." -Hiro
* "As sure as I live, you are Takezo Kensei." -Yaeko
* "That's not how the story ends." -Hiro
* The Dragon! Cut out his heart to save Japan! Aw.
* Suresh's nose, broken. Curing Nikki. Oops, nope. New strain!
* "I had to get you a souvenir." -Hiro
* Hee, yay.
* "Her name is Claire Bennet." -Bob
* His name was Ivan Specter? Hee.
* "It's time to stop playing games." -Mohinder
* "Claire is the key." -Bob
* And, the gun.
* "We knew this day would come." -Mrs. Bennet
* "You and I are going to change history." -Adam/Kensei

Next week: questions answered!

Man. I hope they do prevent the Shanti virus future, and then Peter realizes... what happened to Caitlin? Literally, lost in time.

Also, 'Shanti virus' even sounds scary and futuristic.

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