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Vox populi: "One year out from the 2008 election, Americans are deeply pessimistic and eager for a change in direction from the agenda and priorities of President Bush... Concern about the economy, the war in Iraq and growing dissatisfaction with the political environment in Washington all contribute to the lowest public assessment of the direction of the country in more than a decade. Just 24 percent think the nation is on the right track, and three-quarters said they want the next president to chart a course that is different than that pursued by Bush."

"President Bush's coddling of Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf suddenly risks being exposed as another case of White House anti-terror policies going spectacularly bad."

* Ugh. More bad news from Pakistan. Also, analysis of how things went from bad to worse. You'd think $7 billion could have bought us a better ally...
* "The White House has selectively edited a report on Iraq, taking out negative information and distorting the report's meaning."
* Ugh. Parsing the bad news from Citigroup.
* Scientists tracking how AIDS came to America.
* Whew. Astronauts repair the torn solar panel on the space station.
* Milla Jovovich gives birth to a baby girl.
* And the lamest celebrity arrest of the week award goes to... Shia LaBeouf!

Well, hell. "Hollywood writers strike as talks fail"


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