PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

my birthday season is formally kicked off...

Last night's threesome birthday party for girlie47, skkyechan, and myself in the wilds of Virginia was, dare I say, an unparalleled success. Thanks for everyone for coming out to spend it with us. And a thanks to the hosts for letting us wreck up the joint, and bonus thanks for letting us steal from the copious leftovers to help celebrate my party in MD this Saturday! Heh.

Today has been much Z. time, including watching some Legion of Super Heroes. Which isn't too bad, I dare say. No JLU, but really, that's a high bar to set. Tomorrow... not much. Some painting, I wager. And that Heroes thing. Tuesday, actual birthday festivities. Wednesday is oddly unplanned. Thursday, gaming? Unsure. Need to coordinate commuting. Friday, Horrorclix. Saturday, more party. Sunday, family dinner.

Hmm. Anything I'm forgetting?

Tags: 2007, bebe, not news

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