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Rumsfeld's 'Snowflake' memos: "Newly obtained documents show that former secretary of defense, in sometimes-brusque memos, told staff to 'keep elevating the threat.'"

Waxman wants the rest of the Abramoff documents. Wait, they didn't have them all yet?

Always a good read: LiveOnline with Dan Froomkin.

* Israel suspends electricity cuts to Gaza.
* State Dept. officials protest mandatory Iraq assignments. This is what they call 'a sign.'
* Scientologists target inner city Christian churches.
* Fred Phelps's church hit with major fines for their funeral protests. I doubt the fines will stick, though.
* No one is pushing for the Arab-American vote this election.
* What's behind Clinton's evasiveness? Meanwhile, Ron Paul?
* "American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan may soon be playing cards with the ace of artifacts or the king of archaeological digs."
* What's up next for J.K. Rowling?
* Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay, passed away.
* Washoe, the chimpanzee who learned sign language, passed away.

Priced out of running as a Republican, Colbert will only run as a Democrat in South Carolina. Unless the party stops him.

"A pedigree cat called Cinnamon has made scientific history by becoming the first feline to have its DNA decoded."

Joss Whedon signs his new scifi series Dollhouse with Fox for next year. I'll start up the letter-writing campaign to get it uncanceled. Interviews with Whedon and Dushku here, courtesy professorbooty.

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