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"When our country was young, the Framers wrote something called the First Amendment, which meant that journalists were free to make fun of their leaders. This was a good thing, because back then the leaders walked around wearing powdered wigs and leotards and had names like John 'Quincy' Adams. If you couldn't make fun of that sort of thing, what good was free speech, anyway?"

"But rarely have the hardships of the young Thomas been evident in the opinions of Justice Thomas. In his 16 years on the high court, Thomas has established a stern judicial philosophy that leaves little room for siding with underdogs in disputes with governments or corporations. Often, he has brusquely dissented when the court has ruled in favor of poor people, prisoners or ordinary taxpayers."

* Analysis: Washington's continued waffling on torture continues to have repercussions.
* The administration's promises on Darfur don't match their actions.
* Will sanctions on Iran simply send them to the east to do their business?
* Iraqi parliament considers requiring security contractors to obey Iraqi laws, which seems pretty straightforward, if you ask me.
* Analysis: Bhutto's return pushes Pakistan into crisis.
* Fred Thompson early years, keeping the country safe from... moonshiners.
* Heh. Dana Milbank, on why Jews are so smart.
* How about a Resident Evil cartoon?

A director is named for the Flash movie, and which Flash it is based on is named.

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