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Previously, on Heroes...

* Ricky's dead, baby. Ricky's dead.
* And, cheerleader tryouts. In case you needed a reminder, this is a cheertatorship, not a cheerocracy.
* And, Monica's a gymnast as well now. "Adapted muscle memory," sure.
* "Why is this happening to me?" -Monica
* Bob's in charge of operations.
* The file on 'Adam Monroe.'
* ZOMG experimenting with the virus as a way to deal with dangerous supers! That's... not a terrible idea.
* "Think how many people were killed by Gabriel Gray... It's for the greater good." -Bob
* "Ivan, my old friend." -Mr. Bennet
* "He told me I couldn't date until I was 21." -Claire
* "By definition you're better than she is." -West (!)
* "I have taken many lives, and I can't control it." -Maya
* "I want to be special. Unique." -Sylar
* "Sorry, it's just so compelling." -the translator
* "I trained you!" -Ivan
* The Haitian can go back and selectively delete older memories now! eee
* "Start with the day he met his wife." -Mr. Bennet (!)
* Damn that's hardcore.
* "The Company has changed. We have new directives!" -Ivan
* Heh, the Minutemen.
* "I can't do this." -Mohinder
* "You can use your gift." -Sylar
* Drunk cheerleader, heh.
* "I don't suppose you saw a flying masked man this evening?" -the cop
* "I know. It's really unfair." -Kensei
* "What I asked you to do was wrong." -Bob
* Valuable to keep them in line, dealing with someone dangerous. Hmm. Wonder who they are referring to.
* "It was you, Hiro. All this time." -Yaeko
* "It was the kiss that fractured time." -Hiro
* Last scroll! Nooo.
* Alejandro is kicking Sylar's ass!
* The paintings are in the warehouse 'where they tagged the liquid man.' OK, I need to hear that story, at some point.

Ivan: I'm offering you a way out. Shoot me and there's no turning back. You'll condemn yourself to hell!
Mr. Bennet: I know.

* Damn.
* Punching! Hiro's only weakness!
* Hee, Bob gives Monica a folder of information. Did they run out of Trapper Keepers?
* Plus portable info device, with all sorts of info at her fingertips. Score.
* "Seems to me like this town could use a little amazing." -Bob
* And Mohinder's new partner, Starbuck Nikki. Who's acting goofy.
* ZOMG paintings! Including some from the past, apparently. And others we've seen before. Isaac's power was pretty weird, in a linear sense. Are these events that haven't happened yet, or just some that have bearing on the near-future?
* Montreal! Symbol over the door! Broken clock!
* "We were right about the Company. The world is in danger." -Adam Monroe
* Teleported! A new future! June 14th, 2008. Evacuation order! Oh, and check out the big poster in the upper left, of my new favorite superheroine, St. Joan.

In memory of Tim Susco.

Next week: "There's a storm coming, Mr. Suresh." 93%!

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