PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Jyhad last night was a treat. I got two games in, but the problem was my predator both times was Spikey, the guy who wins all the time. The second game I got a technical win. (Of the four players, I ousted two and was ousted myself. Not a sweep, but a win.) Thusly maintaining my record at the Cherry Hill group of only coming by once every eight months and winning one game. Snee hee hee. Oh, and I saw some playtest cards, and got to sign an exciting NDA form, so check me out.

Today is bebe day! (Also RQ works day.) She's sleeping, I hope she hibernates all day! Actually, yesterday she was pretty cute, I confess.

And my OTD account is down while the machine is moved, hopefully should be back soonly. Again, if it's urgent, I still have the backup address. Oh, and since I can't get to my files, I also don't have my file of everyone's code names. And heh, since I don't have my website, I'm reduced to only URLs I can remember. Like, LJ, eBay, Amazon. Hmm. Well, again Bebe Day, so there won't be much websurfing anyways. (But if there's anything I need to see, reply here!) Anyways. Time to go watch some Smallville.
Tags: gaming

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