PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The plan was simple. My parents came over for some hanging out with the Zo-Zo. They offered to buy us dinner. So we headed (roughly) toward Four Sisters. Entirely forgetting that they're closed on Sundays. So, we check out that new southwestern grill place. Which, it turns out, isn't open yet. The dreaded TGIFridays? Closed for, uh, training. So we end up at Five Guys, which was delicious, but maybe the most unhealthy thing I have had in a long time.

Party on Saturday was awesomelicious, but all too short. Luckily, there's another this weekend. And one the week after that.

Tonight: Heroes.
This week: uh, nothing much. Some long-put-off eBay'ing. Some CoH'ing, some painting. Maybe gaming Thursday, rides permitting.

Tags: not news

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