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"With the conflict in Afghanistan entering its seventh year, the United States has now been at war without resorting to a draft for longer than any time since the American Revolution."

Meanwhile, Congress plans to, uh, work less. Thanks guys and gals!

Interesting read: Andrew Sullivan looks at things from Cheney's point of view.

* On the ground in the abandoned streets of Sadiyah. (Bonus: in pictures.)
* Where did the CIA's 'ghost prisoners' go?
* The State Department will have to force its diplomats to work in Iraq, since no one is volunteering.
* Analysis: the california fires can't erase the stain of Katrina, despite what the administration wants you to think. Also, FEMA apologizes for its fake news conference.
* Why didn't anyone do anything about the subprime lending crisis before it was too late?
* Sure would love to hear Congress, the President, the candidates, or, really, anyone, talking about the effects of rising gas prices on the citizens' wallets.
* National Review offers its nemesis, New Republic, advice on how not to handle a scandal. However, the Army is far from blameless.
* Those wacky earmarks: how much for a Woodstock museum?
* Hollywood stumbles into the post-summer box office.

Vox populi: do you believe in ghosts?

Oh, wow: "It was the perfect brew — an African-American entrepreneur promoting a Polish vodka owned by a French corporation using Chinese performers practicing an Afro-Latin influenced art form that originated in the inner cities of the United States."

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