PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, what, three more Buffy episodes left?

* Wait, how many Apocalypses is this, and *now* there's a mass exodus from Sunnydale? The GIANT SNAKE at graduation didn't clue people in?
* However, when Clem said goodbye, I got all misty. I hope he makes it to LA. :}
* Wow, Xander gets an eye poked out, and suddenly all the violence and brutality of their youth makes everyone grow up fast. Er, I mean, asides from when Buffy died. Er, the second time she died. But yeah, suddenly, real, and glad to see them reacting like it for a change.
* Yay Andrew! Yay Faith! Amanda is also ruling.
* Spike and Andrew's road trip! "Tell anyone we had this conversation and I'll bite you."
* Hey, that's a good point. I bet Buffy can't name all the potentials. She'd make an awful manager. And hey, Chinese potential, thanks for showing up!

OK and now, the last five minutes of the show. Also known as la revolucione. They really had me with them for the first half of the revolt because, dude, why does everyone listen to her all the time? And it's about time Willow and Xander stood up and said geez, you're acting like a bitca, grow up. But then things took a turn for the weird. I mean, it's OK to just ignore her plans and speeches. But, uh, throwing her out of the house? Where the hell did that come from, and how the hell does this seem like a good idea? Democracy? Voting her off the island? Anyways. My head is spinning.

For more opines, go here for the post of welcomerain.

"We're *all* watching your back." -Giles
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