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"...False statements, false cover stories, and failure to concede the errors in judgment and action that have caused harm to national security. But the meta-narrative of Bush and his neoconservative allies is one of no apology, no surrender. They say and do what they must to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions. Reality be damned. What matters is what they can get away with.

In pictures: California wildfires.

"McCain isn't bringing it on, it has already been broughten." Ana Marie Cox's excellent weblog of the Republican debate.

* "Iraq cannot be reconstructed as a unitary state, and the sooner we face up to this reality, the better."
* Dan Froomkin covers Bush's latest war funding request. Anyone think the Democrats will do anything other than fold on this issue too?
* Is the US supporting Kurdish raids into Iran?
* "Tuition and fees at public and private colleges and universities rose at more than double the rate of inflation."
* Laissez-faire: man, who knew that letting an industry police itself could end badly?
* "Colbert is the only presidential candidate who knows he looks ridiculous. Maybe he will appeal to those who find politics a theater of the absurd."
* BAGnewsNotes on the Colbert/Russert interview.
* Dick Polman on the rise of Mike Huckabee.
* Writers of Superman Returns decline to return for the sequel.

News you can use: The Explainer, on what to do if you're attacked by a band of angry monkeys.

NBC looks for more bilingual actors.

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