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Previously, on Heroes...


* Previously: "I can't come home. Not yet."
* "What if the nightmare gives chase?" -Mohinder's voiceover
* Monica won't i.d. the robber.
* "There's a side of it I can't control." -Peter
* "I work for a company interested in keeping him out of trouble." -the blond chick
* And, she's electric girl. Peter's mystery power is solved.
* "These people protect each other." -Nathan
* "My body does things before my brain even knows what's happening." -Monica
* "They're going to kill me too." -Matt's dad
* Yes, it takes a lot of work to have Nathan's perfect five o'clock shadow at all times. Rugged-ness doesn't happen accidentally, you know.
* [So, how was Suresh Senior connected to the Company/the original Heroes? We still know very little about him.] [Other than his book being very popular, heh.]
* "Which one of the kids are you?" Matt's dad
* Mind-reading feedback loop!
* Damn Micah can play the piano. And that seems to really be him doing it.
* And now Monica can too! Heh. (And that really doesn't look like her doing it.) Did she, in fact, play better than Micah?
* "The moment you trust them with what you care about most, they have you." -Mr. Bennet
* Matt's dad's tale. Gifts came out of nowhere, they coincidentally found each other. And Matt's mind reading can be so much more.
* Nightmare closet! The future rooftop! "Pleasant dreams."
* "It's like living in a storybook... only more tiring." -Hiro
* "I think it runs in the family." -Micah
* "Don't even get me started on my mom." Heh.
* 9th Wonders! St. Joan. 'Muscle mimc.' "Copycat." Test it out! Yes!
* "What the hell is going on here?!" -Mohinder
* Kick flip? Slam dunk? No... DOUBLE DUTCH. Oh, it's been broughten.
* And, Peter's box. (Heh.) Passport, ticket... to Montreal.
* "It's just kind of hard to tell who's lying, you know?" -the blond chick
* Nikki came on her own! "These are the only people that can help me."
* "You can't run from me, Nathan."
* eee nightmare fight
* Whoah, does Parkman actually know it's really his kid? That's messed up.
* I loved the 'beating each other up' scene. "Now we know why Molly calls him the Nightmare Man." (Yay code names!)
* "Three of us against an army. I fear-"
* Now she knows kung fu! I love that her power is 'TV is awesome.'
* Praying for direction, heh. Wonder if Isaac drew it for her.
* Oh, hi Mohinder.
* "Alright, I killed him, what's the big deal?" -the blond chick
* Pulled off the assignment, by her dad! Hee. Bob?
* And, Peter's painting. French street signs. Montreal? (Or, New Orleans?)
* "Can't hide anymore. Can't hide." -Peter

OK, the blond chick hunting Peter is apparently named Elle. And Matt's dad is named, uh, Maury.

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