PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hmmm, DWDM class took longer than expected, so quick notes today. Last night was book club, which was much fun. Huge turnout (13 people had read the book!) which would have translated better if we had more to say about the book, heh. But yes, good fun,even though we had to beat a hasty exit to take care of a certain bebe.

And here's what we are reading next month: Dream Palace of the Arabs. Everyone is welcome!

Tonight: Jyhad!

* We're pulling our troops out of Saudi Arabia. Interesting. Saudi Arabia wins, Qatar wins, we win.
* Rethinking Ms. Nightingale as a symbol for nursing.
* SARS newz: wait, the Chinese don't trust their government? And, for Book Clubbers, it turns out kids are less likely to be affected by SARS. Use them as messengers!
* Man, I'm never getting an abortion in South Carolina, that's for sure. (Courtesy Baroness.)

Fortune Cookie: "Love is around the corner."
CD playing: soundtrack to The Mahabharata

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