PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Party Here, Sacrifice Over There: "The president says that America is engaged in a struggle between good and evil, but is he addressing all citizens when his policies touch so few of us?"

* The government fears that IEDs could become a problem in the US, but a solution remains elusive.
* "...In his two days of testimony this week, it became clear that Mr. Mukasey believes presidential power to be robust, expansive and sometimes beyond the power of Congress to control."
* FDA panel urges a ban on children's cold medicine.
* Joel Achenbach on finding substance on the campaign trail.
* Credit where it's due: Limbaugh turns critical letter into money for charity.
* Did Neanderthals talk?
* Musicians behind the scenes of comic books.

And, of course, the biggest weekend news: Rowling reveals that Dumbledore is gay.

Tags: 2007, comic books, news, quotes, science!

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