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"The mercenary is the mirror image of the terrorist. Both are irregular forces operating outside the law, out of uniform, masked, able and willing to project power viciously without regard for civilian casualties. One need not wonder what Iraqi citizens see when they look at the image." (Bonus: part two.)

Drug-resistant staph bacteria proves to be a widespread killer.

Good read: Marc Fisher on the 'long, corrosive impact of "Virginia values".' (Courtesy imamsawez.)

* Ooh. Dan Froomkin on deciphering the relationship between Cheney and Bush.
* On the ground: twelve former Army captains describe their experiences in Iraq.
* Yeesh. New Bush appointee, who will oversee grants to provide low-income families and others with contraceptive services, is in fact critical of contraception. (Courtesy marag.)
* Interesting: examining the comments of Secretary Gates on the future of the military.
* Giuliani takes a bold stance on alien invasions. Seriously.
* Are grandmothers a hidden evolutionary asset?
* Hollywood beat: the Hellraiser remake and the second X-Files movie.
* Details emerge on the Star Wars live-action TV series.
* Colbert formally announces his candidacy for president.

The Mars rovers get a two-year extension. Woo!

DC taxis to switch from zones to meters, which is good news.

New York tests new navigation assistance for its commuters. DC totally needs something simple like these.

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