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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "Now, there are nine."
* "Your mother and I need to talk to you... about boys." -Mr. Bennet
* Is Molly seeing the other missing paintings?
* Uh, OK, people. I'm no fanfic fan, but this whole Matt/Mohinder business isn't strictly subtext anymore.
* Aw, singing her to sleep.
* And Nathan's sons don't like his beard. Angela's in the hospital. Nathan hasn't been around... ah, not allowed to see them.
* So Derek the car thief is from Jersey, sure. HOLY CRAP IT'S SYLAR.
* "Wake up fool!" -Damon. Who I love.
* Of course he needs to see the tag team title! Also, I love Uhura. And the whole family.
* "I did it." Angela's wounds self-inflicted? I'm still half-convinced she's a pusher. "(Write down this statement and let it go, Parkman.)"
* "Is this because we flew together?" -West
* Nathan shaved! Aw. And Parkman knows she's innocent.

Nathan: Are you reading my mind right now?
Parkman: No. Yes. Sorry.

* "I think it's all connected. Everything." -Matt
* [Wait. So. Why did Angela get caught for shoplifting in season one?!]
* They show Sylar the book! "It's a miracle." Watch, broken. "Gabriel. Like the angel."
* And Monica inadvertently cuts a perfect tomato rose.
* Ah, Claire is totally her dad's daughter.
* Group shot. Nathan's dad didn't like Nakamura. And hey, there's Bob! Carp! MATT'S FREAKIN' DAD.
* Notice how little I have to write about West and Claire? Yeah.
* Rey Mysterio Jr.! 619!
* Hee, Damon. OMG Monica's Taskmaster!
* "I have to find my father." Dad was a thief! Left him with $120 and a pat on the head. Dizzam.
* Hee, Nathan photo montage. And, the scarred face in the mirror.
* "The credible lies are the ones that make you look bad." -West
* Also, wow, Sylar's hairy.
* BLACK OIL. IN FRONT OF SYLAR. "You both... have power."
* "How was the library?" Hee, cheerleading.
* And, the Haitian. Leads on the paintings... in the Ukraine.
* "I'll do it for you, Matt. I'll find your father." -Molly
* 619! 619! 619!
* "Where'd you learn that?" "...On TV?"
* Searching... and found. AAA. In shock!

[UPDATED: Photos added, courtesy, plus a couple one-shot lines in there. 1:43 pm et]

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