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A while back, I bought BlackMale of the recommendation of a review. Let me state up front, despite the name and the cover, it's not gay porn (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Finally got around to watching it, and yeah, not that impressive. Had it been a little bit wackier or gory or something, it would have been a fine film. It always pulled the punch, though. The loan shark did sound like a Skeksis once or twice, though. And the movie does win the award for the best uses of the insults "assbag" and "Yoko." But that's most of what it had going for it. A couple other good surprises, which I won't ruin here in the weird accident someone else sees it. Yeah.

Tonight: Book Club!

* Voinovich stands his ground against Bush's tax cut.
* Cutbacks and budget shortfalls means the poor lose out on health care. No child gets left behind in compassionate conservatism! Unless that child happens to be poor as well.
* Related to the above, note Bush isn't touring the country for a big
tax break for the poor.
* In Gulf War 2, one out of every seven soldiers was a woman. And many of them were mothers.
* ISPs unite to fight spam.
* Slate breaks new ground by actually making money.
* Poet laureates gather for the first time.
* ABC started the season well, but is ending as #4.

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