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"And when you look at the way war critics ... have been savaged by conservatives, it feels as if some people want to use this war to create a multiparty democracy in Iraq and a one-party state in America... The Arab world refuses to acknowledge any good from this war, because many Arab regimes have features in common with Saddam's, and if getting rid of him was good, so would be getting rid of them. And Arab intellectuals and the Arab League won't acknowledge any good having been done in Iraq by America, because it only reminds them that they should have taken care of this problem themselves - and didn't. "
-Thomas Friedman

* Burying the Iraqi dead.
* The growing pattern of repression of civil dissent.
* As it turns out, trickle-down policies never work.
* OK, Castro is just getting out of hand.
* Operation: Iraqi Looting.
* Well, what if both sides are wrong about the economy? [Off the cuff, I think Bush knows his plan won't work, but wagers if his popularity doesn't carry him through, he can just fonce the blame off elsewhere.]
* The administration's hyper-religious attitude is alarming religious groups most of all.
* The clash between the military and state departments belies how future affairs of diplomacy will be run.
* So, maybe they can turn things invisible.
* Love in real life can sometimes affect a romantic movie's box office. (Bonus points for the term 'connubial curse.')

"This is what we see today - job searches that can take 6 to 12 months. By six months, people really start to doubt themselves, and they start to doubt they're ever going to find anything."
-Charlie Beck

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