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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: TOE AUGH. Thanks for the replay, guys!
* "We're talking football, yeah?"
* And, mindreading. Doesn't realize it, heh.
* Alejandro gets arrested, good work.
* Nikki and Micah! Saying goodbye to dad. Me, crying. Daniel Lawrence Hawkins.
* "Good morning sleepyhead." SYLAR! Maui. Michelle? Ah, formerly Candice. Dragged off Kirby Plaza. Eight surgeries! "Show me what's really going on here."
* Claire's reading Suresh Sr.'s book. Waffle time!
* "I've asked you to carry around a heck of a secret." -Mr. Bennet
* Welcome home, Mohinder. (Isn't that a really bad way to keep Molly hidden from the Company?)
* Ando's back at work. Has the sword! "Ando, open." Hee!
* "Lazarus risen. You've cursed me." -Kensei
* "Light! Lightning! Sparks" -Peter
* "Maybe you're an extraterrestrial, escaped from a government facility." -Caitlin
* "Girl's gotta have her secrets."
* "What if a human were to mate with a lizard..." -West, king of all assholes
* Yay, Hiro's tale.
* "This'll make me richer than the Pope." -Kensei
* "Those are the Ninety Angry Ronin." -Hiro
* And, West flies. I totally don't think it's accidental that he resembles Clark from Smallville, making me wonder where they are going with his character.
* Peter MOVES THE TRUCK. (JAck makes a crack about it being the same truck Sylar flipped.)
* Company Bob is reading 9th Wonder! Heh. Lab in Isaac's old loft, nice touch. "Supervision is in your best interest... You're part of the family now."
* Nikki's saying goodbye to Micah, makes him promise to be normal. "I just don't want you to go." UHURA AHAHAHA! "Welcome to New Orleans."
* "I wouldn't do that." OK, so, Maya's black oil operates defensively, and has a pretty decent radius (the American kid was around the corner and down the hall.
* Go Conquistadors!
* And, Peter's shot. Bullet pops out, nice. Holy carp, it's Vader's force choke! Peter's a Sith Lord!
* Bye Kensei. Hee, shaking the tree. "I'm sorry Ando. I can't come home."
* Sylar can't move the cup! Powerless!
* Candice Michelle is working for someone, huh. He can reacquire his powers, and she can help. Uh, I don't think you get how he gets people's powers, babe. "We were meant to do this... together."
* tick tick tick
* Dude, who would want to keep Sylar around? And how did they take away his powers (or at least take away his ability to use them)?
* "So this is what you really look like." Still can't do it! And he's on Craphole Island from Lost! Wait.
* Peter's in the clan now? Huh.
* And he wanted to kill that dude? Whoah. Maybe he absorbed some Jessica too.
* Hot Irish chick vs. true identity, gotcha. Tattoo changed to The Symbol, then fades, nice.
* Flight vs. regeneration! And West has been tagged.
* Nikki's making a deal with the Company for a cure? Dude, lame.
* "As long as I'm alive, you'll be taken care of." -Mr. Bennet
* Painting #8 of 8... Mr. Bennet's dead, and Claire's kissing some dude!

Next week: The symbol! The original heroes! "He's the nightmare man."

I formally declare any doubts I had about this season totally gone.

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