PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

An epidemic of rape as a weapon of war is destroying the Congo. (Warning: graphic.)

Another town in Darfur leveled, tens of thousands more civilians left homeless. Still no oil there, though.

"A nation of Christians is not a Christian nation."

* What metrics? Joe Klein with a big blow to the surge.
* Huh. Israel is considering the division of Jerusalem.
* One of the biggest problems of the Iraq war: identifying the enemy.
* So where is Dick Cheney, anyways? Don't we pay him or something?
* Suffering a shortage of immigrant labor, the administration quietly lets more workers cross the border. Wait, weren't unemployed Americans lining up to take those jobs back? I don't understand!
* Paul Krugman on Bush as the model of a modern movement conservative.
* More White House staff head for the hills and an uncertain future.
* Southwest continues to be your fashion police airline
* The purpose of the appendix discovered at last?
* Ooh. Coming to theaters this fall: Midnight Eagle.

The Nobel Prize in medicine is awarded for breakthroughs in gene manipulation.

The Post Magazine meets the DC Rollergirls team Scare Force One.

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