PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Z. was, as always, a dancing queen at the wedding. She and the flower girl, pictures here in their blurry glory, were cutting a rug most of the evening.

Here's Z. actually trying to catch the bouquet. M., however, did the deed. I suspect there was some collaboration on this one between the bride and the DJ.

The cutest dance is always when the bride dances with the little girls in attendance.

Z. and I took a walk around M.'s parents' house early this morning.

Z. watching two frogs at the frog pond. Yes, her and eracerhead would find time to torment the amphibians later that day.

This may be the best picture I've ever taken.

Lest you think M.'s family's car curse had taken a turn for the better, I present evidence otherwise. Tragically, you can't read how I wrote "Rock Star Window" on the cardboard.

Coming home from a weekend away, the wonder cat had left an offering of the following items, gathered from around the house, in the middle of our bedroom floor: one of my scrunchies, one of Z.'s toothbrushes, one of Z.'s hair ties, and one of M.'s earrings.

[Not pictured: the traffic we got in leaving Brandywine, our timing just poor enough to get stuck into the jam leaving the Redskins game.]

Tags: 2007, bebe, cat, not news, pics

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