PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Catching up

Man, busy weekend already.

Game night/tarsus4's birthday soiree at our pad went pretty well. I was feeling pretty run down, so I didn't do any gaming myself. But I think people had fun.

We're off to a wedding in southern MD in about an hour, bringing the munchkin with us. Crashing over at M.'s parents' place tonight, heading back here tomorrow.

People we need to hang out with soon: jasmydae. Also, movie night with rshackleford.

Missing this book club, just because I haven't had the opportunity to pick it up. Funny because we're hosting. I've had a pretty good track record this year, though. Hope next month's is a winner.

Tentative planning for my birthday: word on the street is we'll be having some sort of party in Virginia on Saturday, Nov. 3rd. And probably a party here at my place for the Maryland types on Saturday, Nov. 10th. Family dinner on, uh, Sunday the 4th, I wager. Save the dates! (Or, if you can't make either, let me know if you're interested in doing something else.) Maybe sea chanties or kara-oke or clubbing around then too? We shall see.

Tags: 2007, not news

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