PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

By the numbers: the privatization of foreign policy. More on contracting in Iraq by Abu Aardvark.

A lawyer from one of the prisoners at Guantanamo speaks out.

The housing slump/recession is impacting gentrification in cities like Baltimore.

* Hey, looks like the Iraqi government has been learning from us after all.
* Fighting smarter: the Army has started bringing anthropologists to the war zone.
* Senator Craig withdraws his resignation, leading to cheers from late-night TV's joke writers nationwide.
* Debunking school choice: "why don’t the kids who get access to 'better' schools do better?"
* Questioning Justice Thomas's impartiality.
* David Brooks on the collapse of the Republican party. Also, Paul Krugman on Republican views of the poor.
* The most important psychological experiments that have never been done.
* "Scientists are hopeful that they have found a way to halt the progression of motor neurone disease."

Ooh. Rock samples from deep within the San Andreas fault could yield a major breakthrough.

Attention conspiracy theorists: new Vatican book to absolve the Knights Templar.

The commercialization of Che Guevara.

Tags: 2007, news, science!

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