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Welcome to America, 2007: "Justice Department opinion provided explicit authorization to barrage terror suspects with a combination of painful physical and psychological tactics."

Russia marks the fiftieth anniversary of Sputnik. Added bonus: BBC Q&A Also, half a century into the space race, the irony of Russia's continued success.

Oh, man. Dana Milbank on the testimony from the head of Blackwater. Added bonus: campaign contributions listed! More on the donations here.

* Thousands of South African gold miners have been rescued so far.
* Meanwhile, China wrangles with succession.
* Always a good read: LiveOnline transcript with Dan Froomkin.
* The Supreme Court takes on how states select judges.
* Matt Frei on the all new President Bush.
* And now Sen. Domenici is planning to retire.
* Zombie graphic novel Fragile heads to Hollywood.
* Wallace and Gromit return to TV.

Yes, Middle Eastern actors are getting more work these days, but...

More on Bat Boy: the Musical.

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