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A large update

Friday was a fine, fine time at the partay for the lovely ladies quartet of Aries: Janine, Jenna, Jody and (J)Amber. Pictures can be found here (thanks to Fermat.) Nothing too incriminating, despite the host racing her way to 8(!) Jello shots. (And these were hefty Jello shots too. I considered racing her to the prize, but after three, I was doing fine.) Anyways. Big fun party! Got to see many peoples, which makes me happy.

Saturday, up to Dream Wizards. On the way, I was making fun of a car in front of us, since it was GLOWING YELLOW. I joked it could only be Latinate's short bus. However, as it continued on the same road to DW as us, and I got close enough to see it's 'Farkistan' license plate holder, I uncovered it was, in fact, Latinate's car!

The double-weird part was they pulled into the parking lot next to two *more* friends I didn't expect to see there (Spikey and Leila.) Day: officially weird already. (Especially since I have seen them in forever, yet was planning to see them this Tuesday for some Jyhad-ness. Weird!)

So, yeah, Latinate went shopping with RQ and bebe in tow, and Voldo and I hit DW. Specifically, I went for a Mage Knight: Dungeons demo. I roped Voldo into it as well, and he seemed to enjoy it.

Allow me to dork out in a big way here. We started with Doug running a simple demo with a regular demo pack. Thereafter, though, Robert G. showed up to run the *real* demo. Please step back and allow me to dork out. OK, so it's a clicky miniatures game (like HeroClix.) You run your adventurers through a dungeon, fight monsters, get treasure, etc. Nice and simple. This summer, however, WizKids is kicking it up a notch. Plastic modular dungeon tiles. Check it out. So, you can lay out the tiles however you want, then add walls, doors, and traps. These things *rule*.

Recently, I have once again become bit with the gaming bug. HeroClix has been hard to organize (beyond two people) thanks to conflicting schedules and theorized interpersonal issues. There was a theory of a larp that would drag me back in, but that might be up in the air now.

So I have once again been thinking of running a game, to trick people into seeing me at my house. I even have a list of RPGs I would want to run, and ideas (depending on if I could find dependable players, etc.) After the failed Aberrant idea from last fall, I've been kinda bummed out by it, but the gaming bug has returned.

But NOW, it turns out MK:Dungeons is everything I was looking for in a simple, fun dungeoncrawling sense of the word. Could I get people into it? Maybe. It's easy like Heroclix. If I was crazy, I could even write up a different background, and here I'm specifically thinking of mixing it with XCrawl! Why are there MageSpawn there? Because you want the ph4t l3wt to get teh rich monies! Hee hee.

Anyways, to sum up. MK: Dungeons rocks. Feeling gaming withdrawal bad. Need to get people to come to my house.

So, after Rockville adventures, Latinate and Voldo returned to the homestead with us. Most of Supercop was watched (probably my second favorite Jackie Chan flick, behind City Hunter.) Tasty dinner was made. Scooby Doo, as aforementioned was watched. Then, King of Iron Chef, and damn fine new Samurai Jack. Finally, a nightcap of Vampires: Los Muertos. A vague unrelated sequel to John Carpenter's fine flick, this one features Jon Bon Jovi and a distinct lack of walking and looking cool while western music plays in the background. However, they did steal the plot of the first one directly.

Whew, sorry that was so long. I still have stuff to post, too! Let me also just say, I wish I was eating fried turkey today.

*What you're doing Thursday. (To support Amsterdamned.)
* Thanks, Ikea. (Courtesy Magistrate.)

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