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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "Our past has caught up with us."
* Cork, Ireland. iPods!
* "Dang it all, my wedding ring fell into the eggs." -Mrs. Bennet
* "I knew this would happen." -Mr. Bennet
* Eight of Isaac's paintings didn't come true. Bennet has one, predicted Nakamura's death.
* Fingerprint on photo: Angela! Matt, meet Ando.
* "Have you seen a scary white man?" -Hiro
* Newts!
* Hartsdale, NY. Mohinder wants access to the Company's files and records.
* Maya and Alejandro are twins. Maya was born first, by minutes.
* Hey, which power is Peter using with the 'spark'? One of the Sylar powers we didn't know about? Someone else's?
* And, Peter's regenerating. So he's still power-y.
* (Hey, Mohinder speaks French.)
* The Haitian! Doesn't want the cure.
* Heh, it's not that God isn't done with him yet, it's the Company that's not done with him.
* "What you carry inside you is black. Enough to kill the devil!"
* "Why does he keep saying his own name?"
* "You could write about this in your history books!"
* Hiro, why are you so awesome?
* Peter phased out of the ropes!
* "I'm sort of into genetics too." -West
* Heh, he read Suresh's book.
* "Where's my car?" -Claire
* "You... disarm me." -Kensei Hiro
* And, the Haitian zaps Mohinder! (Love that effect.)
* Ah, couldn't use his powers until he was cured. So, since he used them, they must have worked!
* Augh Maya has the black oil! And Alejandro can, uh, absorb it or something.
* 5 lb. bag of gummi bears!
* "But you're the only one I can talk to about this!" -Claire
* Angela's a major shareholder in Nakamura's company. And she hasn't sleep with him in a long while.
* Heh, logo of the Petrelli law firm.
* Hey, nice beard, Nathan. And looks like you're working on Wolverine hair, too.
* "You can make me the hero she sees in me." -Kensei
* Healed! "'Godsend'!"
* "I'll find you the paintings myself." -Mr. Bennet
* The Haitian returns! Yay!
* Hee, Mr. Muggles watching himself on TV! "You're right. Doesn't help to avoid it." -Claire
* Don't need that extra toe!
* Regenerated! But Stalker Boy saw it!
* Heh, Mr. Muggles sees him.

Next week: THE BOX OF ZOMG

So, I like the emerging theme of the heroes trying to go back to their normal lives, and failing. Kind of makes the first episode fit a little better.

I also totally think the hitman going after the Original Heroes is a sponge, like Peter. Would explain the diversity of powers exhibited.

Dude. I bet Bennet has Mohinder trying to get the missing Isaac paintings from the Company. Dude.

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