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The defining weapon of the war: "IEDs have caused nearly two-thirds of the 3,100 American combat deaths in Iraq, and an even higher proportion of battle wounds."

Good read: on Bill O'Reilly and Ralph Ellison.

* "Why don't we form a never-ending campaign that's run like a business but managed like a campaign? We'll take on generational issues that are unsolvable in any one election cycle, but we'll seek to influence those issues over time."
* The GAO gives the caretakers of the Smithsonian a failing grade.
* Joe klein on the overreaction to Ahmadinejad.
* The longest-serving photojournalist of the Iraq war.
* "This is a total charade. The president has said he will lead on climate change but he won't agree binding emissions, while other nations will."
* The Explainer on what's wrong with British cattle.
* Why are the fashion runways so... white?

A new market for 'natural burials.'

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