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Good times last night hanging with mscongeniality. First, a belated birthday dinner at one of those cooking food on your table places, which was downright tasty. Also, everyone loves the onion volcano.* Afterwards, we retired to her place to watch the original Bedazzled, which I have to admit is pretty damn good.

Tragically, though, the Metro failed me again. I hit West Falls Church approximately one minute too late to catch the next eastbound Orange line train. So I waited. Got the next one, and made my transfer at Metro Center... about thirty seconds too late to grab my Red line home. Gah. There's so few trains run that late that those delays really add up. Eventually caught the last train home, hopped on the last bus home, so it all worked out. But still.

And then I stayed up for a bit talking, not having had seen M. all day. Meaning only a couple hours sleep. Meaning I am dead tired now. Whuf indeed. I really hope I don't accidentally fall asleep at my desk.

Tonight, a little housecleaning.
Tomorrow, people coming over for a cinematic treat.
Sunday, munchkin.

* - Yes, my next band will be named Onion Volcano.
Tags: movies, not news

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