PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Great read: "Our Moral Footprint" by Vaclev Havel

What the Democrats could be doing to end the war.

You know what I never want to hear from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Any references to "God's law."

* Myanmar government cracks down on Burmese monks. Matt Frei on why the Burmese struggle should matter to Americans.
* More evidence that Blackwater is involved in a higher rate of shootings than other similar security contractors.
* More evidence of Bush's intentions before the invasion of Iraq.
* Oversight and new disclosure rules shed new light on 'secret holds' in the Senate.
* A terrible choice for the Federal Elections Commission.
* Is Britain looking at a new era in foreign policy?
* The paradoxes of the Republican candidates.
* October 8th: new Boondocks

Ever wonder who is editing Wikipedia to erase info about Dick Cheney's drunk driving arrests? Thank Wikiscanner for letting us know.

O'Reilly explains that he's really not racist.

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